We develop tangible prototypes and prodcuts based on distributed ledger technologies (blockchain)

Building the cornerstones of machine economy

We develop tangible prototypes and prodcuts based on distributed ledger technologies (blockchain)

Building the cornerstones of machine economy

Holistic Services


We offer end to end services in the space of Distributed Ledger Technologies. This includes all horizontal and vertical layers such as business and IT strategic advice, technical expertise, software development, hardware integration, Proof of Concept, prototypes and more. 

Research & Development

In order to build a core expertise it is crucial to engage and work with different DLT protocols. We explore the various application groups such as decentralized data storage, voting, identity and more. In addition we closely work together with several academic institutions.

Project Management

Building tangible prototypes based on DLT is the absolute focus to follow our mission. We offer more than 10 years of experience in the Business/ IT Project Management using best practises, SCRUM, PMI, Prince2 methodology. 

Special Services

To complete the picture we offer individual services for our clients at conferences, exhibitions, hackathons, integrated trainings and customized activities. 


Machine-to-machine (M2M) showcase

An open source project to gain valuable experience

The rapid evolution of technology and machines effects all of us, whether we like, dislike or don’t even realize it. There are already more than 3 smart devices for every human being on this planet, tendency growing…

We at AKITA have made it our mission to focus on building tangible prototypes. Instead of being stuck in a theoretical loop of debating. building the M2M showcase is a partially funded project by the IOTA Foundation to deliver tangible results and real experience in combining a machine economy, elements of distributed ledger networks, hosting nodes and testing real world productive.

The basic idea here is to provide machines with dedicated "machine wallets" that enable them to become autonomous economic agents. The robots can then sell services such as 3D printing, lasercutting, packaging, etc. and buy their own energy. Energy providers can offer/ sell their energy. Even centralized organisations such as government tax agencies can profit by  becoming a part of the network and receiving a fraction of each M2M transaction as energy tax in real time micropayments.

The opportunities, modifications and  extensions to this modular designed prototype showcase are endless and will provide valuable insights on every layer (business, technology, scalability, production, latency, costs and more)

This is an open source community driven project to include all stakeholders and use the power of the crowd and corporate co-creation. 

Medium Blog Series

We recently published the first Medium article of a series about this particular project with further insights: 

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