We make Distributed Ledger Technologies tangible

We are your strong and agile partner to concept and deliver IOTA Tanlge based PoCs, Prototypes and real life products. 

Holistic Services


We offer end to end services in the space of Distributed Ledger Technologies. This includes all horizontal and vertical layers such as business and IT strategic advice, technical expertise, software development, hardware integration, Proof of Concept, prototypes and more. 

Research & Development

In order to build a core expertise it is crucial to engage and work with different DLT protocols. We explore the various application groups such as decentralized data storage, voting, identity and more. In addition we closely work together with several academic institutions.

Project Management

Building tangible prototypes based on DLT is the absolute focus to follow our mission. We offer more than 10 years of experience in the Business/ IT Project Management using best practises, SCRUM, PMI, Prince2 methodology. 

Special Services

To complete the picture we offer individual services for our clients at conferences, exhibitions, hackathons, integrated trainings and customized activities. 

IOTA Ecosystem Project: IOTA LABS

IOTA LABS Blueprint

We are building the first community driven IOTA LABS to create the perfect environment

IOTA Ecosystem

The IOTA Ecosystem Fund will support our project to get access to the required funds:


Hardware and Software Development

This is not just another coworking, but also a maker space, co-creation and tech lab space